Ingredients of Natural Gain Plus

The Natural Gain Plus treatment enables you to attain a real and qualitative result in penis augmentation due to its universal formula established by the best American scientists. Of the many constituents of the remedy, worth highlighting are the following most active ingredients that normalize the male sexual function and enlarge the penis:

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  • The root of Peruvian maca stabilizes the performance of the genitourinary system, increases the activity and quality of spermatozoa. This compound is rich in vitamins and other helpful elements; it promotes the regrowth of skin cells, making the dermis flexible and taut. Has a general toning and relaxing result, which increases libido.
  • The dried root of Erythroxylum catuab functions as a natural aphrodisiac. For many years, it has been used in conventional and non-traditional medication for solving the men’s sexual problems. The ingredient adds to the production of testosterone in the blood, which increases sexual desire and positively impacts the period of sexual intercourses.
  • Oat straw adds to the enhancement of sexual strength and energy. It has soothing and toning properties, which have a positive effect on the nerve system.
  • Pumpkin seeds are utilized as an extra ingredient in many remedies to restore the sexual functions of the male body. The seeds help with the synthesis of testosterone and avoid the development of prostatitis. The component improves male reproductive function and sexual stimulation.
  • Ginger promotes blood circulation to the genitals and functions as an outstanding solution for avoiding prostate conditions. Including this item in your daily provision offers you a burst of strength, energy, and vivacity for the entire day. The root of ginger is rich in vitamins and micronutrient elements that have a compound positive impact on the male body.
  • Zinc is a vital mineral nutrient for the male sexual health. It normalizes the level of testosterone in the blood, avoiding the development of various sexual diseases. Zinc is a means of avoiding a decline in strength and libido.
  • L-arginine is an amino acid that promotes the production of enough amounts of nitric oxide in the body. It magnifies blood circulation in the male sexual organ and improves the quality of erection and ejaculation.